Web Consultancy

Web Consultancy

I provide a comprehensive web consultancy service for small to medium sized businesses ranging from brand new start up businesses who just want somewhere to direct online yellow pages traffic to comprehensive content management system (CMS) for businesses who have a well established web presence and wish to take it to the next level.

As a hypnotist and personal change consultant, I offer businesses the same skills used with individual clients by using effective questioning and professional experience to identify the goals and barriers that might be slowing or hindering the progress towards those business goals. Hypnosis isn’t all about remedial change you know: There’s a great number of people able to identify the fact that hypnosis and personal coaching can take them to the next level and will come to me for this purpose.

Discover how best to set up, manage and continue to develop your online presence. By using my experience and skills to guide you through the processes, you can rely on me to be part of your tool set to help you offer the best possible service or products to your customers.


It is easy to get swept up into the idea that a web site and web presence is going to drive much if not all of your new business and for some business and business models this is probably the case, however for most businesses, a web site and web marketing are merely tools in an overall brand and marketing plan. To that end, I will work closely with you and together we will create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed goals across multiple web media.

  • Want to know whether it is worth the effort of setting up and maintaining social networking fan pages or targeted Facebook advertising?
  • Do you want to know where and how to produce press releases to increase your enquiries?
  • Would you like to get a better hold on what and who your target market are?

Call me to build a comprehensive plan for your web presence: +44 (0)7818 005123

Hosting and Purchasing

With literally thousands of hosting and online companies out there each promising 99.997% up-time and xyz features, where should you choose to host your online presence and does it even matter?

With my experience of the industry, I take this burden on as part of the process and by finding out what your short, medium and long term plans are, I am able to produce impartial plans for your online investment ensuring that you only need to buy what you need whilst keeping in mind future expansion plans and keeping upward progress available to you.

  • Want to find and secure the best possible site and hosting?
  • Want to get up and running ASAP?
  • Want to ensure you take a measured approach to your online investment?

Call me to get your website up and running in as little as 24hrs: +44 (0)7818 005123

Web Design and Building

With a degree in Web Design, I am able to design and build your website be it a blog style system like this one, a from-scratch custom site or you simply need someone to advise and help you extend your existing web site.

  • Would you like a one-stop e-tool box you can call upon any time to help solve problems and build your business?
  • Would you like your press releases and newsletter content optimised for your target audience?

Call me to build, expand or redesign your website or application: +44 (0)7818 005123


  • Want a couple of email marketing templates written for you to use?
  • Would you like better analysis of who, what, where and when your enquiries and web traffic is coming from?
  • Would you like someone to help you plan a suitable, budgetable and achievable marketing plan for your business?

Call me to put together a detailed and measurable marketing plan: +44 (0)7818 005123


OK so you’ve had someone build your website, provide a couple of email marketing templates and now you would really like to be able to manage the site and marketing yourself…

  • Do you want to be able to add content to your site any time you want?
  • Would you like to know how to write and structure your own email marketing templates?

I provide custom training packages for you and your business on each of the areas listed on this page and many more.

Call me to create a bespoke training solution: +44 (0)7818 005123

Why Ben White?

Being a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) trainer and consultant for various Sage business partners since 2005, I have extensive experience working with all different types and sizes of organisations helping them make the most of technologies and processes to retain more customers, close more deals, obtain more enquiries and better service both internal and external customers.

Combine this breadth of experience with training in psychology, effective questioning and change consultancy, you have at your fingertips someone with the skills, experience and drive to help you achieve successful and long lasting change in your business.

Be warned though: If you wish to secure my services, you must commit. You must convinceĀ me that you are willing to put in the effort to make a difference or you will find yourself being referred to someone I don’t like. I am not interested in failure due to lack of long term emotional (or physical) investment.

I am only interested in businesses and people who have a drive and genuine commitment to themselves and their values and goals, and are willing to put in the effort and hard graft to make these things a success. If this is you then:

Contact me

Call me now to discuss your changes: + 44 (0)7818 005123