Words of Change

In hypnosis, there are a number of “power” words that can and are used to enhance the trance process and because they are so powerful, it means that when we use them together their power multiplies which means that the hypnotic trance being generated and enjoyed by the client becomes even deeper and the changes made, whatever those changes are that their powerful unconscious mind chooses because your unconscious mind is able to perform this, as the client enjoys a deeper level of trance becomes even more profound.

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Positioning your memories

This is part 2 and while it does kind of stand on its own, it is born from my previous post on memories and mirroring, so I don’t know whether you’ll want to read that first or perhaps decide to read it after a few more words here.

So I was thinking about how mirrors and photos may perhaps impact how we feel and it occurred to me that where they are positioned may also influence our feelings as well.

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