Annual staff appraisals

With the end of the financial year coming up, many companies will be starting their staff appraisals. Generally these form a combination of a performance review of the last 12 months and discussion and setting of targets and development for the next.

Helping a client in London with preparing for their upcoming appraisal, I was able to use clean language and the NLP Meta model to enable them to make discoveries about how the appraisal process could work for them rather than it being an hour where their manager gets to tell them stuff. Interestingly, my client also picked up on some of the clean language and NLP Meta model questioning methods and discovered that they would be able to use it to their advantage at the upcoming appraisal.

I thought Iโ€™d write some of the really interesting and productive bits up here to give you an idea of how it works and how you can use it yourself.

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Review: Hypnosis Happens

Hypnosis Happens: A bold and enticing title followed up with equally bold and enticing content.

And “Not another Street Hypnotist!” two lectures in hypnosis by Reg Blackwood.

Reg Blackwood aka the Quicknotist, once a Pom Comedian now Kiwi Hypnotist, seems to have the commercial and stage hypnosis side of New Zealand sewn up. Every time I see his status on Facebook he’s flying off to, or just got back from, another part of the country having hypnotised half his audience. There is no denying he is one of the best stage hypnotists in the world at the moment and yes he is a friend of mine, but no I am not exaggerating. Anyway, this review isn’t about Reg: its about his new DVDs: Hypnosis Happens and Not Another Street Hypnotist which is comes as a free bonus if you’re quick.

Hypnosis Happens

The DVD case itself has a fantastic Victorian era depiction of a stage hypnosis show and the back, as you’d expect, runs through what’s covered:

  • Definitions of Hypnosis
  • Induction theory and Induction modification
  • Induction demonstrations
  • Deepening and Intensifying
  • Delivering Suggestions
  • Wake-up Procedure
  • Safety

Reg covers a lot of ground in an hour and twenty minutes and the content is as bold as the title. Quite early on he states: “In my mind, hypnosis is something that you have done to you.” Now this flies in the face of a lot of the discussions on hypnosis that I’ve seen recently, but then in NZ, there are no laws about where you can and can’t do hypnosis, so perhaps in the UK it is more convenient to believe that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis” as it gets round those tricky UK laws ๐Ÿ˜‰

The whole DVD is beautifully shot and put together with clear screens showing the key pieces of information. Things like my (now) favourite pre-talk for street hypnosis:

Hypnosis happens…
When you focus on something so well
and imagine something so vividly
that is becomes real

Reg Blackwood

Being an experienced hypnotist, I was delighted to discover that Reg has heaps of genuinely useful information to give us and even the handy card inside the DVD case corresponds beautifully with the content in the lecture, and how many other hypnotists provide inlay cards in their DVDs? I can’t think of one. This lecture is great for beginners, its great for those starting to get to grips with street or stage hypnosis and its great for those old-hands who have been doing hypnotherapy for many years and now want to learn about and understand rapid and direct hypnosis to help maximise the time they can spend with their client’s in trance.

The filming of both Hypnosis Happens and Not Another Street Hypnotist! is very interesting and really focuses you on the speaker: Reg who carries out his role with confidence, authority and most importantly: real life experience.

Hypnosis Happens: A bold and enticing title backed up with equally bold and enticing content.

Not Another Street Hypnotist!

The bonus DVD (if you’re quick) also has a fantastic (and different from the Hypnosis Happens DVD) Victorian representation of a stage hypnosis show.

Right from the off, reg is up front with the fact that this bonus DVD contains some repeat footage from the Hypnosis Happens lecture, however I didn’t think that there was much of it and those bits that were repeated were essential.

This lecture contains:

Not Another Street Hypnotist! DVD from Reg Blackwood
Not Another Street Hypnotist! DVD from Reg Blackwood
  • Impromptu Hypnosis Definition
  • Street Hypnosis
  • Inductions
  • TV and Radio
  • Mini Show
  • Undercover Hypnotist
  • Character work with actors
  • Wake-up procedure

This is a masterclass lecture and includes in-depth (and excellent) advice based on Reg’s extensive experience in the world of stage and street hypnosis. Everything from the TV and Radio chapter (and yes; both DVDs are conveniently chaptered for easy location of the bits you want to watch again) onwards contains real life examples of how Reg handled the situation and how, you as a street hypnotist, can use these media and ideas to market yourself and gain business. For me, these were the most interesting bits of the fifty minute lecture and have given me pause for thought over the way I could do business and the potential markets that could open for me if I followed, even some of, Reg’s advice.


Hypnosis Happens and the bonus DVD: Not Another Street Hypnotist! have to be an essential part of any beginner or intermediate street or stage hypnotist’s library and will also provide quality information for those old hands at the art. They areย  well filmed and well presented and most definitely worth the money. There are many other hypnosis DVDs out there that are more expensive and do not provide as much information as these. They have the potential to do for learning hypnosis from DVDs what Anthony Jacquin’s Reality is Plastic did for learning hypnosis from books: Put a lot of hypnosis trainers out of business ๐Ÿ˜€

You can grab yourself a copy here: