Manchurian Meetup December 2009

Anthony Jacquin, Amit Badiani and Kev Sheldrake ran another Manchurian Approach course this weekend in London and this time I was actually invited to come along to the post-course meetup 😀

Being a cold December evening, the place was not quite as busy as it was at the last meet, but it soon filled up once the evening kicked off. As with last time, there were a good mix of magicians and hypnotists and one chap who specialised in balloons and arrived carrying a balloon man which instantly got the attention of all the people in the place! (tip: balloon man = people come to you) 🙂

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Manchurian meetup

So Anthony Jacquin ran a hypnosis/mentalism course in London last weekend and I was invited crashed  in the evening to join them hypnotising the public.

The bar (a secret location in Brick Lane) was the scene of some excellent hypnosis with a stream of people wandering up and asking to be hypnotised. The great thing about this bar is that it has a really nice, big outdoor courtyard which is relatively free of loud music and is a great place to meet people and generally hang out.


A  great night was had by all and I think they will start to see more visits from hypnotists from now on…