Manchurian Meetup December 2009

Anthony Jacquin, Amit Badiani and Kev Sheldrake ran another Manchurian Approach course this weekend in London and this time I was actually invited to come along to the post-course meetup 😀

Being a cold December evening, the place was not quite as busy as it was at the last meet, but it soon filled up once the evening kicked off. As with last time, there were a good mix of magicians and hypnotists and one chap who specialised in balloons and arrived carrying a balloon man which instantly got the attention of all the people in the place! (tip: balloon man = people come to you) 🙂

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Field Report: Hypnosis at the BBC

This week I had the honour of being invited as a guest of my friend Alan Whitton to a party at the BBC bar in White City, London. I thought it might be interesting to post a description of the evening here.

Not to appear too eager, we arrived at around 21.00 and then proceeded to do the awkward introductions to the people that Alan knew while I attempted to look suitably hypnotic.

After a while I found myself free of the small talk and took a moment to adjust myself into a more “street hypnosis” state. What I mean by this is that for most of us, meeting and talking to people is usually for the end purpose of making friends and connections. From a street hypnosis point of view, where I may have to approach several people in order to find someone who would actively like to experience trance, I need to get myself into a state of mind where if the first people I talk to aren’t interested, I can simply dismiss them (it sounds harsh to my mind which is why I have to adjust my state to do this) and head off in search of people who are interested. Once in this state, it is relatively easy to maintain. Anyway, I digress….

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