Taking it one goal at a time

This week I discovered something about myself and how I hold goals in my head that will hopefully make my gym sessions a little less daunting and much easier to achieve mentally.

The sweet thing is that it is a really easy thing to change and will hopefully have a dramatic effect both in terms of achievability and in terms of feeling good when they’re reached:

Only take and look at today’s goals for the gym session.

I was tired and a little grumpy and I could feel the thick and grey cloud of fatigue gathering around my peripheral vision and I’d only done the warm up for my first exercise!

I’d been up late the night before at gymnastics and working all day and here I was in Bulks trying about to embark on an hour and a half of awesome movements challenging gravity with even more weight than last time. My coach was doing a good job of encouraging me and avoiding my bad mood and as I wandered over to the training programme to remind myself what exercises and weights I was targetting today, the mental strength that I’d manage to last the session was definitely fading.

It wasn’t until after the session, having pushed through and completed everything (except leg raises at the end which I cried off due to pulling an oblique at gymnastics) that it dawned on me that I may not be using my goals to their most effective and that seeing the weeks of increased weights and sessions stretching across the page was not helping focus on what I needed to here and now.

My training programme for my gym progession

So next time I head to a training session, I’m going to copy out the goals for that session and only take that piece of paper with me. That way I can focus on what I can achieve today and not get distracted of feared out by seeing the goals for the next 12 weeks at the same time. Easy!

A small change but something I know will pay dividends next time my willpower and motivation is feeling low.