Ben White: Change Artist

Hypnotist Ben White demonstrating the power of imagination
Hypnotist Ben White demonstrating the power of imagination

With a background in business analysis and customer relationship management, one could say I’ve been helping businesses get to grips and install better ways of thinking for a long time. Throw into the mix hypnosis, NLP, IEMT and Provocative Change Works and you find yourself reading about someone who achieves change with people individually and as an organisation. On this site, you’ll discover the personal side of Ben and if you continue reading, you see he’s pretty dedicated to finding the best way to enable you to tap into the inherent ability to change within all of us.

After my first hypnosis course I headed straight for my local post office and posted a note in the window: “Trainee hypnotist requires volunteers...” Needless to say I was literally inundated with three requests to help all of whom I worked with successfully. What a great start!

Hypnotically, I have trained with Freddy and Anthony Jacquin of the UK Hypnotherapy Training Collage on rapid hypnosis techniques as well as using hypnotic and NLP techniques with your children. This excellent series of techniques that will work with any aged child (really! I’ve used this stuff on my daughter since she was 1) to gently help in many areas from Attention Deficit Disorder to exam nerves and even simply family relations (Freddy’s branded the techniques: Potensharu).

I have studied body language and the now extremely popular Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in 2009, I certified as a practitioner for an amazing technique called Integral Eye Movement Therapy created by Andrew T Austin. IEMT combines various NLP techniques with a structured interview approach to achieve some of the most incredible change work that simple counselling would take many many sessions to achieve.

Certified and insured as an IEMT practitioner

Associate Member of the Association for Provocative Therapy

I have trained with Norman D Vaughton (who studied with Ernest Rossi for many years) in Ideodynamic hypnosis. Norman’s approach also utilises one of my favourite techniques: Clean Language and is used to avoid polluting or influencing your processes with the my own expectations or presuppositions. The technique is therefore extremely respectful and gentle and yet very powerful in gaining you both conscious and unconscious insight and in generating lasting and sometimes dramatic change!

As you can see I’ve done quite a lot of learning!

What I am passionate about is that the power to change is within all of us and if you want to change: you can




Look me up using the Find Me Online section on the right, or simply drop me an email direct.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Field Report: Hypnosis at the BBC

This week I had the honour of being invited as a guest of my friend Alan Whitton to a party at the BBC bar in White City, London. I thought it might be interesting to post a description of the evening here.

Not to appear too eager, we arrived at around 21.00 and then proceeded to do the awkward introductions to the people that Alan knew while I attempted to look suitably hypnotic.

After a while I found myself free of the small talk and took a moment to adjust myself into a more “street hypnosis” state. What I mean by this is that for most of us, meeting and talking to people is usually for the end purpose of making friends and connections. From a street hypnosis point of view, where I may have to approach several people in order to find someone who would actively like to experience trance, I need to get myself into a state of mind where if the first people I talk to aren’t interested, I can simply dismiss them (it sounds harsh to my mind which is why I have to adjust my state to do this) and head off in search of people who are interested. Once in this state, it is relatively easy to maintain. Anyway, I digress….

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