Abreactions in therapy and play

Hypnotists and hypnotherapists talk a lot about abreactions and what, when and how to deal with them. I recently experienced one first hand, so thought I’d write something about it as I do not believe that the traditional definition of an abreaction is strictly correct.


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Field Report: Hypnosis at the BBC

This week I had the honour of being invited as a guest of my friend Alan Whitton to a party at the BBC bar in White City, London. I thought it might be interesting to post a description of the evening here.

Not to appear too eager, we arrived at around 21.00 and then proceeded to do the awkward introductions to the people that Alan knew while I attempted to look suitably hypnotic.

After a while I found myself free of the small talk and took a moment to adjust myself into a more “street hypnosis” state. What I mean by this is that for most of us, meeting and talking to people is usually for the end purpose of making friends and connections. From a street hypnosis point of view, where I may have to approach several people in order to find someone who would actively like to experience trance, I need to get myself into a state of mind where if the first people I talk to aren’t interested, I can simply dismiss them (it sounds harsh to my mind which is why I have to adjust my state to do this) and head off in search of people who are interested. Once in this state, it is relatively easy to maintain.¬†Anyway, I digress….

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